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Behind the Scenes



Opening up the Vaults

It’s writing time! We’ve opened up the vault and pulled out all of our old ideas that have been scribbled down on paper.  Next year after production of A Broken Hart, we’ll began turning these ideas into scripts for TV shows, Short Movies and of course, Feature Films.



Freedoom – Behind the Scenes Photos

Jesse & JaQuay Young along with actor Stephen Paul were on set during Freedoom filming! Take a look as the crew shoots a scene for the movie at Advanced Eye Films studio!

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Atrocity Blood VFX Pictures

We had a great time on this VFX shoot for Atrocity. Here’s a few pics to give an idea of what we did:




Some Old Green Screen Shots

Here’s 2 shots I did last year for class. Just found the files and decided to put it online before I delete them.

The first shot is of a “kung fu” monk that I transformed into this graphic, character with his kung fu aura flowing from his hands.

The 2nd was from a fun project, involving creating a an interface for the actress to interact with. I curved the shot so that she is on a table top device that randomly selects a move for her to watch based on her genre selection and past selections (much like Netflix suggests movie titles based on your viewing history). In this case, the “Moovie Mate” which is what I named the device, has suggested “300″ which she slides into the movie cue to load up and watch.

Cool stuff. Very fun work!!!!