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Houston, TX – Oliver Stone had a dream. A dream that one day, he could make a film that tells the story of one of history’s greatest examples of a hero, Martin Luther King Jr. He had a dream, that one day, he could tell the extraordinary story of a man who stood strong in front of adversity and danger for the freedom of all people. He had a dream to not only edify the legend that is MLK, but also show a rare human side of King that’s never been told before on screen. Sadly, that dream has been brought to a complete stop. According to Stone, the ‘powers that be’ will not allow such story to be told. Stone tweeted: ‘I’m told the estate & the ‘respectable’ black community that guard[s] King’s reputation won’t approve it. They suffocate the man & the truth.’

With MLK Day celebrations officially over, the time has come to spread the truths surrounding Martin Luther King Jr. Introducing Raiding MLK. Raiding MLK is a short film which aims to shed light on these truths and expose the hidden controversies surrounding Martin Luther King, Jr. and his assassination… the story Oliver Stone wanted so badly to tell.

Raiding MLK takes place post-2027, with a heist team attempting to steal hidden FBI files that can expose the secrets surrounding Martin Luther King Jr. and his assassination.

In reality, these files have been sealed away since 1977, not to be released to the public until the year 2027. These files consist of all the surveillance records captured by the FBI during their round-the-clock investigation of King from 1963 until his death in 1968. But why were the files were sealed away? This is the core argument of Raiding MLK. Were the files sealed away to cover up illegal actions of the US Government and the FBI? Or were they sealed away to protect King’s squeaky-clean image? Undoubtedly, Oliver Stone learned of some of these truths, and is not being allowed to share them with the world.

The writer and director of Raiding MLK, Jesse Young III (@jesseyoung3rd) said, “Mr. Stone’s situation is unfortunate. If he could appropriately tell the stories of Nixon, George W. Bush and JFK (three former presidents of the United States) I’m sure he knows how to handle MLK’s story with respect and dignity. Hopefully Raiding MLK will break down some barriers and allow for Mr. Stone’s concept to be revisited.”

Raiding MLK will be released on February 1, 2014 on

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Jesse Young III

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