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Tyler Perry and Border Break: The Odd Couple

Strangely enough, the two have something great in common.


HOUSTON, TX, January 26, 2012 - Tyler Perry, the movie / stage-play director / writer giant, has started a frenzy yesterday by releasing a message regarding his outrage towards the missing persons cases of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos. He states in his message “I was watching a show on Discovery ID called Disappeared. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. What outraged me the most is that in 8 years, not one national news outlet has picked up this story. 8 YEARS and nothing has been done.”

He expresses great anger towards the obvious disregard the local law enforcement holds towards these two missing persons cases. According to his message, he is officially working to bring these two cases to the public’s eye.

In steps Border Break, the independent, ultra low budget, film, that is quickly gaining ground with its fan-base. Border Break chronicles the events leading up to the disappearance – and alleged abduction – of Janet Taylor, a 20 year old college student who was last seen on a spring break road trip to Mexico with three friends. Using a combination of dramatic reenactments by professional actors and documentary footage gathered in the wake of Janet’s disappearance, this genre-bending feature film aims to become an actual part of the search for the primary missing subject.

Lakisha R. Lemons, writer and director, calls the film “a truly terrifying story… No parent or college student should go without seeing this one,” Lemons went on to add, “because the world is no longer a safe place! What we’ve discovered about her case… this could happen to anyone traveling to Mexico.”

Today Perry begins his mission by making appearances starting with the Tom Joyner Show in hopes to “bring some light and attention to this and help these families.” Perry continues later, “Please help me give Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos something that many people don’t think the poor or disenfranchised have… A VOICE!!”

Oddly enough, Border Break is a strong contender in the realm of possibilities to be THAT voice.  Border Break is picture lock, with possible domestic release in the third quarter of 2012.

Border Break is a feature film presented by Irving Films & Productions and produced by LL Productions, in association with Advanced Eye Films. It is the second feature film from Producer/Director/Writer Lakisha R. Lemons, after her debut effort, “Be My Teacher,” which was also a co-production with Irving Films & Productions. Advanced Eye Films is an up and coming post-production house based in the Greater Houston Area and specializing in independent films. More information and a full electronic press kit can be found on the official website at

For More Information, Please Contact: Lakisha R. Lemons (832)640-8524

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